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Tennis Frenemies

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Click on the icon to the left, or search Tennis Frenemies in iTunes to find, download and install the FREE iOS Tennis Frenemies App.

Tennis Frenemies puts up-to-date USTA Norcal Tennis match results at your fingertips for any USTA Norcal Junior or Adult League player. See a player's record in tournaments, teams (for Adults), and their detailed match results.

front screen of app

Home Screen

The Tennis Frenemies home screen uses a slide up and down interface to view your personal list of USTA Norcal players you are tracking. Tap on the player's name to select and the list of the player's most recent tournaments (or teams, for Adult players) will load from the Internet using your device's WiFi or mobile cellular data connection. (Please note: the device's Internet connection will determine the load speed, so please be patient if your mobile data connection is slow.)

To add, remove or change the ordering of players, choose the "+" button in the upper right corner. You will then see the Edit Frenemies screen where you can delete players, or change the order of the players. See the section on the Edit Frenemies screen, below. If you have no players in your Tennis Frenemies list, the "+" button will automatically proceed to the Add Frenemy screen, below.

edit frenemies screen of app

Edit Frenemies Screen

Remove players and re-order players in your Tennis Frenemies list on the Edit Frenemies screen. The Edit Frenemies screen displays your list of Frenemies, scroll it by sliding your finger up and down. To remove players from your Frenemies list, tap the red "-" icon to the left of the player name and then press the red "Delete" icon that appears on the right. Change the ordering of the players in the list by pressing and holding the "=" symbol to the right of the player name. Drag the player's name up or down to place it into a new position on the list. When you're done changing your Frenemies list, tap the "Done" button in the upper right of the screen.

To add players to your Frenemies list, tap the "+" icon in the upper left of the Edit Frenemies screen. Please see the Add Frenemy instructions, below for details on how to use that screen.

Add Frenemy Screen

Add Frenemy Screen

Use the Add Frenemy Screen to search for and select any USTA Norcal Junior or Adult League player to add them to your Frenemies list. Enter the name of the USTA Norcal Tennis player you are interested in tracking into the search field by using the tap keyboard. Enter the last name first, followed by a comma, and then an optional first name. Press the "Search" key in the lower right when you have entered the player's name. You can use incomplete names, and the search results will show all of the possible matches.

The list of players names that match your search will appear and you can scroll it up-and-down to review. Select the player to add to your Frenemies list by tapping on their name. If you don't see the correct player, either tap the search bar and change your search or tap the "Back" button.

Tournament / Teams screen of app

Tournaments / Teams Screen

On the tournament results screen you'll see the selected Junior player's most recent USTA tournaments, including the tournament name, the player's record at that tournament, the highest round they reached, and the start date. For Adult players the league teams they play on are shown, including the season and record. Scroll the list of results up and down by sliding your finger over the results. To see the actual matches played at the tournament or during the team's season, including match scores, tap to select. Wait a moment while the match scores are fetched from the Internet.

match result screen of app

Match Results Screen

The match results screen displays the tournament name, overall tournament record, and the first date of play during the tournament. League results include the season, team and overall record. A list below shows the opponent for each match played, including the scores of the sets played. Junior players will also see the round of the match. League players see the opponent's team. Doubles matches display both opponents and the player's partner's name. The match winner's name(s) are displayed first, followed by "def." and then the loser's name(s). For tournaments or league seasons with several matches, you may need to slide your finger over the list to scroll it and see more results.

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